Real Estate & Land Use

Your home may be one of the most important investments you ever make in your life.  With so much riding on decisions involving homeowner's rights and commercial property development what type of attorney do you want by your side assisting you in the process?  How about an attorney who has handled land use issues for both the City of Orlando and Seminole County? How about an attorney who is also board certified as a legal expert in local government law?  How about an attorney who has taught law classes on the subject at both the university and law school level?  How about an attorney who has even served as a special magistrate for two local municipalities to adjudicate these matters?  If the answer to these questions is yes, than Kara Consalo is that attorney.

With over twenty years of practice, Kara Consalo has appeared before hearing officers, planning and rezoning boards, as well as at city and county commissioner hearings to advocate for her clients. She has reviewed countless real estate contracts to protect her clients' rights through the purchase of real property.  She has represented individuals, businesses, and home owner's associations in a variety of property matters.  With so much on the line, hire an expert to fight for you.