• Marc Consalo

What does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

Here at the Consalo Law Firm in downtown Orlando, Florida, I often get asked what type of law I practice. When I tell them I do Elder Law, I usually get a blank stare from the person and simple platitude like, "Well, that's nice." But many people have no idea what it is that an Elder Law Attorney does. It's not like a tax attorney or criminal defense attorney where the name gives it away. The truth is an Elder Law Attorney can do many things. They can represent seniors in nursing home abuse cases or draft wills for probate. But at the Consalo Law Firm, our Elder Law practice is broken into three areas of focus: medicaid crisis management/planning; grandparents' rights; and support of the elderly when they are victims of crime. We work hard to ensure our senior clients have an advocate on their side to help them navigate difficult times in their lives. And at the Consalo Law firm only an attorney handles your case, never an assistant or a paralegal.

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