• Marc Consalo

Grandparents' Rights in Florida

In the state of Florida there are a few scenarios that will allow grandparents to petition a court to have contact with their grandchildren over the objections of a parent. The most typical case is where one parent has passed away or is in a vegetative state. Here the court may permit that individual's parents (the child's/children's grandparents) to step in and provide contact to support the memory of the deceased parent in the youngster's mind. A second example where grandparents may have rights is where a child has become a dependent of the state because their parents are unable or unwilling to care for the child. Grandparents may be able to step in and ensure the child's wellbeing when their true parents cannot. The final example where grandparents can seek court assistance is where a child has been abandoned by his/her parents and the grandparents want to adopt. If any of these scenarios apply to you, and you live in Orlando, Florida (the Central Florida area) reach out to the Consalo Law Firm for assistance.

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