• Marc Consalo

Covid-19's impact on elder law.

One question on everyone's mind is how Covid 19 is affecting them personally. And in elder law, the pandemic is clearly illustrating the need for proper assistance when it comes to Medicaid crisis management. Unlike before the virus hit, to protect the elderly and seniors who live in long term care facilities, contact with the outside world has virtually been cut off. This means in the past when an adult child or spouse could check in on their loved one to see how he or she was fairing in a location, this added layer of protection has vanished. With families having to hope for the best when it comes to the care someone receives, ensuring that funds are present to protect their loved one's placement is paramount. Additionally, with contact limited, it is imperative that a proper power of attorney is in place now before it may become impossible to obtain one through normal channels in the future. Powers of attorney enable critical decisions to occur on a timely basis and having an attorney draft one ensures that they are done properly. Don't forget the Consalo Law Firm in downtown Orlando is here to help you with these concerns should you need it.

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