Elder Law

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Old and Young

Medicaid Crisis Management:  Here at the Consalo Law Firm one of the areas of law that brings our attorneys the most joy is working with seniors on protecting their nest eggs to ensure their legacy for their children.  Sadly, with rising costs of long term care, the government often seizes much of what a person has worked hard their entire life to attain.  With the average cost of a nursing home care in Central Florida equaling close to $9000.00 a month, it is not surprising that someone's life savings is quickly sucked away to pay these expenses.  If you are a spouse or a child of someone who is in need of long term care and are concerned how to provide that person the best protection while not bankrupting the rest of the family a Medicaid crisis management attorney is the help you need.


Grandparent Visitation:  Nothing is as painful as the loss of a child to an untimely death.  Yet this grief is intensified when the surviving spouse alienates the dead parent's family.  It is important for the child/children to remember their deceased parent by having routine and regular contact with the grandparents of that side of the family.  But without court intervention, it can be hard for this to occur.  An attorney who can advocate for the deceased parents legacy is vital in attempting to honor the deceased's memory. 


Senior Crime Victims:  Sadly, some criminals purposely target the elderly as victims of crime hoping that they will be less likely to understand the process because of their age.  And while the state attorney seeks justice in these cases, most crime victims do not realize that the prosecutor represents the State of Florida not the individual victim.  Therefore, when a senior is the victim of a crime, it is vital that they hire their own advocate to explain the process, act as their voice in hearings, and represent their interests every step of the way.  The attorneys at the Consalo Law Firm are ready to advocate for seniors to fight for justice.