Dollar Notes


The Consalo Law Firm successfully guided many clients through the bankruptcy process during the Great Recession.  But with job losses from Covid-19, financial strains on Floridians have increased exponentially.  Unprecedented closures, reduction of working hours, as well as a variety of other issues have racked Orlando and Central Florida economies.  But individuals, couples, and businesses can all benefit from bankruptcy debt forgiveness.  The Chapter 7 bankruptcy process is a financial life saver due to its low cost, quick completion, and high rate of successful debt relief.


For many the idea of declaring bankruptcy is scary and distasteful.  But the truth is, the process is a legitimate way to help those who due to hardship need to begin a new.  If you feel that the time has come to consider if a bankruptcy is right for you, contact Attorney Kara Consalo, for advice and counsel on what to do next.